Fiberglass Fabrication for Car Audio


Fiberglass Fabrication I focuses exclusively on custom fiberglass projects for car audio installations (also available with Fiberglass Fabrication II at a special price). This DVD covers basic fiberglass fabrication designed for those without any fiberglass experience and is made to take the intimidation factor out of fiberglass work. If you like to create and want something more interesting than a basic installation fiberglass fabrication is definitely something you'll want to try. It's the first step towards becoming a great installer capable of world class installations.


Fiberglass Fabrication I will teach you the basics of fiberglass fabrication with popular but simple to create projects. The DVD begins with an in depth overview of the materials and tools needed for the projects demonstrated. A description of each item is given along with the approximate cost of purchase (so you don't get ripped off). If you've never worked with fiberglass than this information is absolutely essential. Once this important background information is complete the fun begins.


Fiberglass Kick Panel Speakers

wrapping the kick panel This DVD covers three of the most popular fiberglass projects. The first is the creation of custom kickpanels. By far the most popular custom project, kick panels will give you a much better sound and add a custom look to any installation. You'll be walked through the process of creating kick panel pods with less than $20 in material cost.

Fiberglass and MDF Subwoofer Enclosure

Wrapping the enclosure The second project is the addition of a fiberglass baffle to an MDF enclosure. This is what you see done in many of the top competition vehicles. The fiberglass baffle is what allows your enclosure to have the curves and shapes not possible with an all MDF enclosure. You'll learn how to create your custom shape, how to wrap it properly and how to finish the piece for its final covering.

Fiberglass Spare Tire Subwoofer Enclosure

Fiberglassing the spare tire The final project is a spare tire subwoofer enclosure. This is a very popular option for hidden or "stealth" installations. You'll learn how to make a mold of the spare tire well, how to increase the strength and decrease the construction time, and how to add a flat MDF baffle to the curved fiberglass mold.


All three projects are basic, relatively uncomplicated pieces that were designed to get a beginner started in fiberglass fabrication. It's recommended that you use a router and a powered sander for some of the steps but it's not required. A list is also included that will show you where you can go to purchase the fiberglass and the other materials used (both locally and online). And all of our videos were created by an MECP certified Master Installer so you'll know you're learning to do it the right way.

Here are some of the other installation topics and techniques you'll learn that will help you save time, money and aggravation.


Here are some of the installation topics and techniques you'll learn that will help you save time, money and aggravation.


Materials and Tools


Fiberglass Kick Panel Speakers


Fiberglass and Wood Subwoofer Box


Spare Tire Fiberglass Subwoofer Box



Our Money-Back Guarantee

Fiberglass Fabrication I comes with a Risk-Free, One Year Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren't happy for any reason then we insist you send it back for a prompt refund of the purchase price. That's 12 months to check everything out, at your own pace, on your own time. That's an offer you won't get with any other installation videos.


List Price $49.95
Internet Price $39.95 (Also available with Fiberglass II at a discount here)
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Purchase with Fiberglass Fabrication II - $57


What are our customers saying?


"I thought that your video was great. I've been trying to learn fiberglass for a while, but no one wanted to take the time to show me. But you did. You're a great speacialist and I plan to learn alot from you in hopes of eventually get certified myself."
Luis M.
Tucson, AZ


"The fiberglass video is absolutely perfect for what I needed. I'm working on the design work for a new center console and subwoofer enclosure for my truck to start the glass work next week. You answered all of the questions I had and being able to see the work done rather than just reading made an immense difference."
John H.
Snellville, GA


"After watching your video I am very enthusiastic that myself and my friend will be able to put our own creativity into our custom enclosures. I plan to make a set of kickpanel pods for my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am and start working on some ideas for a custom enclosure for my kicker solobarics."
Craig S.
Essex, MD


"I've watched the video twice now, and I'm planning my next enclosure and an amp rack for my 12s and my two amplifiers. I was always intimidated by the thought of using fiberglass, but your video maps the process in great detail, and I can't wait to start the project."
Thomas C.
Converse, TX

"I just wanted to say that the video was very helpful. I had trouble finding how to's on the internet for fiberglass and your video was a godsend. I'm already half way through a custom center console project and its going very well. Your video was very informative and gave me a good base knowledge for me to experiment."
Adam M.
Morrisonville, WI


"I loved Fiberglass I. I've been into mobile electronics for years, done competitions, countless magazine subscriptions, and have trial and errored my way through many install projects. I even worked for a stereo shop for a short time but still didn't learn very much. Finally some light shed. I can't wait to watch Fiberglass II."
Joshua D.
Evansville, IN

"I have been wanting to get in this field for a long time. This is the best how to video I have seen. I ordered that other video, with the explicit language on it. The quality sucks, and they miss a few steps."
Taive R.
Chandler, AZ

"I just wanted to say the video was great. I have worked with fiberglass for awhile but I still picked up some good tips and some good money saving advice. Keep up the good work."
Rudy B.
Winters, CA


"The videos were excellent in my opinion. I viewed them both the day they arrived. The information was very clear from beginning to end. Excellent format. You started with equipment/material listing initially and ended with displaying the finished product. I've started work on fabricating a few pieces already. Anyway, the fiberglass instructional video covered all critical point as far as working with the fiberglass I thought."
Paul P.
Hopkinton, MA

"You have great info and are good at explaining what you are doing instead of leaving the viewer in a fog as many others do. There's a lot of bad info out there and it's good to see someone making the effort to present proper info and techniques in a professional manner. BTW I bought another video from someone else before I had seen yours and it was terrible. Might have been some good information if the audio wasn't so bad and the (choppy) video looked like it was shot with a cheap digital camera. Anyway I appreciate the effort you put into your videos and the good info and quality. Great job!"
Christopher C.
Nashville, TN

"I just wanted you to know that the Fabricating DVD was great but more important was the way you help people who have been to your sight and your customers. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help even after you had gotten payment for the DVD. I will tell all my friends to get your DVD for the value of the information but also for the way you help people who need more information."
Curtis C.
Gardena, CA


"I would have to say the DVD was very useful. It is not easy to come about this knowledge without spending thousands of dollars going to an installer school (which is often no where near where you live). I haven't found a stereo shop yet that is willing to give you tips on how to do fiberglass or custom installations (which makes since, since this would take away from there business). I am one of those guys who likes to do everything himself. I enjoy the finished product more knowing that I did it and I also know it has been done right, that no short cuts were taken. I liked the fact that you included a printed list of supplies and tools needed. That was very helpful."
James S.
Long Beach, CA


"I liked the DVDs very much, Ive worked with fiberglass before but not on stereo instalations. Youre DVDs changed alot of things on what I thought I needed to do. Im getting ready to start my new instalation in my car and will be doing alot of fiberglass projects. The DVDs gave me the extra info that made it so much easier to figure out what needed to be done.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH"
Chad R.
Springfield, OR


"First of all, I would like to tell you how nice of you sharing your ideas to a youngster like me who wants to know more about fiberglass. I watched your video over and over again and it awesome. I've been surfing and asking around how to make customs installation and I get no one to teach me. I'm glad you have given me the knowledge and sharing it. I thank you very much and I hope you have more video I can purchase in the future. You are my teacher and I am your student willing to learn more about fiberglass. Thank you very much"
Armando B.
San Francisco, CA

"The videos were very informative. I also liked how you included a shopping list with part numbers. I know you mentioned this in your ad but I wasn't expecting something this complete. It is obvious that you spent a great deal of time making these videos and the fact that you follow up shows you really do care, not to mention that you know what you are talking about."
Jeremy K.
Pensacola, FL


"I have a little fiberglass knowledge already but your videos are excellent they have helped me cut some of the fabrication time down and showed me other little things i did not know. These videos are excellent, well done."
Shaun R.
Hackettstown, NJ


"The videos was very informative! My buddy and I watched the videos and were amazed on how simple custom fiberglass enclosures are. We are going to start on his car one of these weekends when we are both free for a day. I will let you know how we make out and thanks for the excellent videos!"
Ryan O.
Troy, NY


"The video is great! I've read a lot about doing these kinds of projects but have never SEEN it done before. I've watched it 3 times and I learned a lot."
Hector R.
U.S. Military

"The video was great. I am now starting a kickpanel project. The video helped out a lot. Thanks a lot for all the information."
Cole C.
Plainwell, MI


"I loved the video! It gave me some excellent information on fiberglass fabrication."
Matt W.
Greenwich, OH


"I really enjoyed the videos. They are very informative and you also mention the tools needed to get the job done and where to get them. I find that information priceless."
Conray K.
Oxford, AL

"Your info on the videos have been for helpful and im furthering my skills with fiberglass. Not only am I making fiberglass audio systems pieces but now im also making fiberglass interior pieces from the stock pieces and added a sort of my own touch to them."
Matt A.
Holley, NY

"I ordered the (2) dvd fiberglass information videos a few days ago. Just wanted to tell you that they were great and taught me some tricks. Thank you again for the great product."
Chris T.
Harrison Township, MI

"The DVDs had a lot of useful info. I think the best part is getting the equipment list because most people don't know what you need to complete a project beginning to end."
Collin H.
Cheektowaga, NY

"Your videos are great and have answered any questions I had previously regarding fiberglass fabrication."
Fabian S.
Watsonville, CA

"I would like to thank you for the creations of these DVDs, very informative. You have not made these videos in vain. I plan to use the information to create my own designs. So here's to a job well done!"
Dedric W.
Terrell, TX


"I found the DVD's very informative. I appreciate the supply list. My goal is to open my own buisness. The DVD's gave me a great start, and I will continue to watch them until im ready to begin designing my own custom panels, enclosures, etc. Thanks again!"
David S.
Mount Airy, MD


"The videos are great!! Since I have had no formal installation shop training , they answered alot of questions I had about the specifics of using 'glass and body fillers. So far I've watched both twice, and feel I'm ready for my first project."
Marty S.
Baker, MT

"I watched both videos as soon as they came in the mail. Great videos with a lot of information I needed to know before getting started on my own fabrication projects. Thanks for the video, extremely helpful information and I am DEFINATLY interested in any other videos."
William G.
Howell, NJ

"Just wanted to let you know that the videos contained more information than i really expected, and i am very pleased with them. I just started a set of kick panels in my step dads '51 chevy over the weekend. I have also had a couple friends ask about makinig them kick panels when when im done with my current project, and i have also had inquiries about boxes, so again thank you for providing the info i was looking for."
Eric M.
Arkansas City, KS

"The video's are excellent. I thought the list of supplies and tools was an awesome idea. One of the hardest things I've had to deal with is finding the right supplies. I was glad to learn some new techniques."
Adam S.
Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Those videos where just what I was looking for, I am new to Fiberglass, but not box building. They will help dearly in the next few months when I start to get my feet wet in fiberglass and fabrication."
John K.
Kentwood, MI


"I built my first fiberglass box, turned out excellent. I had trouble with the kick panel pods, but i watched the movie again and found out what i did wrong. These videos are the bomb straight up. I bought the movies because i wanted to get a jump start on some knowledge before i go to acoustic edge. Now i have more than enough knowledge to go there and keep up with the instructor. The movies are perfect, the knowledge you put into the movies is perfect. The delivery is perfect, the way you pause to explain yourself and what you are doing is perfect. As of right now i don't see any problems nor any changes that need to be made. Thanx"
Bryen D.
Missouri City, TX


"The DVDs are great, I already knew alot of the techniques used for making fibreglass enclosures but only from pictures, once put into motion picture it all makes alot more sense."
Matt A.
Holley, NY


"The DVD's were great. They were very informative and I am currently collecting the parts I need so that over spring break I can dive into some fiberglassing. Thanks for the prompt delivery and very courteous service."
Jon M.
Shelby, OH


"First off, let me congratulate you guys on making such a great informational video. I have been searching the web for sometime now for videos on mobile installation and have come up empty until I was directed to you by a friend. I was really interested in the use of fiberglass in the projects and was surprised to know that fiberglass isn't always used.The information is first rate, explained and shown well at a pace that is easily understood by a novice such as myself. I am presently acquiring all the materials both locally and off the web so that I can start some of my own projects on my car. Thanks again for such a great product!"
Rodolph M.
Brooklyn, NY

"First off, your videos are excellent! I have never worked with fiberglass at all, and after watching your videos a couple of times I feel very confident about starting my own projects."
Greg B.
Rockwall, TX

"The video is great. It provided me with the correct information that I was missing. It also arrived very promptly. I also liked the list of supplies and where you can purchase them. Thanks for your help."
Charly D.
Santa Ana, CA


"I love the DVD and plan on buying the 2nd one soon. I have already put the info to good use to build some prototype parts in an unrelated field. I will be producing the mold and finished parts within the month which, when sold will produce profit far beyond what the DVD cost me. Thanks again. Great product."
Justin T.
Murrieta, CA

"Recieved the Dvd's the aother day and have already watch them all. Thank you for the great communication. I could of payed big money for a class to learn about fiberglass but your videos get right to the point with no messing around."
Chris S.
Louisville, KY


"The fiberglass fabrication 1 DVD was even more than I was expecting. It gave me extra details about small things here and there that other books and stuff left out. I also appreciate the fact that the DVD came with a list of materials and tools along with where to get them. I personally think that this DVD is the best, most detailed, easiest to understand information on custom car audio related stuff that I've seen. I will definitely be buying Fiberglass Fabrication 2 in the future and I would recommend these DVDs to anyone interested in Fiberglass work. Thanks for taking the time to put together quality products."
Wayne C.
Terra Alta, WV

"I recieved the fiberglass 1 & 2 dvds faster than expected, and couldn't wait to watch them! In fact I ended up watching both numerous times. I thought that they were detailed, and informative, and step by step for someone who is just starting out."
Pat D.
South Saint Paul, MN

"I received the two DVD items and am very happy with the information. The presentations were very clear and helped a great deal in figuring out how to proceed with a current project I am working on. I appreciate the vendor supply list also."
Daryl H.
Midland, MI


"the video was very good for a person just starting off. Most of the stuff that I saw I have done, but I wish I would've had it when I first got into car audio. I can't wait to get vol.2."
Ben M.
Conway, NC


"The dvds showed me everything you had to do and showed detailed examples. I know nothing about working with fiberglass before I watched the movies. Now I feel ready to start on my first project which is going to be fiberglass my spare tire."
Robert S.
Cocoa, FL


"my main installer got a chance to watch them and said they are very easy to understand and should help out some of the "greener" guys in the shop as far as fiberglass goes. My main installer that watched them has been doing fiberglass work for a while now and been to Fishcamp, Select Product training at MERA as well as Rockford Training and he says he still learned a couple new things from the videos."
Jason K.
Dayton, OH

"The information on the net, written tutorials etcetera, didn't give me what I needed to feel comfortable with fiberglass projects but your DVDs leave nothing out that a beginner might need to know."
Matt G.
Roseville, CA

"I have bought both the fibreglass dvds and have just ordered the advanced sub box enclosure and find the quality on these dvds to be excellent, unlike other dvds ive bought (ok i made a mistake)."
Darryn B.
Oxfordshire, UK


"Even though I have no previous work with enclosures and fiberglass the video gave me the confidence to at least make a well tried attepmt and from there I will hopefully just learn from my own mistakes as I begin to work. Great video. I have already been maping out my own enclosure fro my trunk and have already told many of my car freinds about your video's, not just the fiberglass, but your whole great line."
Ken B.
Lakewood, CO


"i watched the video as soon as i got it and i am now forcing my 2 partners to watch is pretty self explanatory, i will save your email if i have any questions...thanks again...your product is a huge help for me and my newly formed make fiberglass and custom box building easy"
Adam R.
Woodstock, GA

"I've only watched the first Vid so far but it is very helpful. I am in the aerospace community and we work with composites quite differentily. Your tricks and tips are very useful and I'm just about finished with my MDF box with a fiberglass baffle. Thanks!!"
Josh G.
Yucaipa, CA

"I just received the 2 DVD's I purchased from your website. I put one in my computer and watched about 1 minute of it. Yours look great. I had previously purchased a DVD from someone else, and the quality was absolutely horrible. I look forward to viewing yours.. the parts list is also a nice touch."
Scott C.
Ronkonkoma, NY


"I've watched the videos about 3 times allready and even had a friend sit and watch. We are both very impressed with the quality of the video as well as the easy to follow steps. I cant wait to try some of my own soon. I'm just getting everything together right now so I can tackle the spare tire compartment box. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work, it will definitely help me out."
Tony S.
Redwood City, CA

"The videos were very helpful! They helped me clear all the questions that I had and tought me a lot of stuff that I wasn't aware of about the fiber glass enclonsures. I am very satisfied with the program that you provided me with."
Miguel B.
Torrance, CA

"I really enjoyed your videos. I have started to purchase some of the tools and supplies needed to start my first project. I have bought other fiberglass dvds, but they were nowhere near as professional quality as yours. Thank you for sharing the information in a clear, step-by-step format. The instructional commentary helped to understand the processes of what was being done."
Kyle R.
Princeton, KY

"I have tried to use fiberglass before but I was instructed on building a mold first and then building the fiberglass widget from your mold. I thought it was a pain and gave up on the idea of using fiberglass all together until I saw how you did it."
Sean G.
Villa Rica, GA

"The videos were great, nicely done. by curiousity I order a gla***an custom video and man, what a waste of money. Yeah he knows what he's doing but the videos are poorly made and not specific at all. no measurements, poor detail, and no product lists. glad I found your videos"
Daniel I.
Fontana, CA

"the videos were very helpful i was starting on fiberglass and the videos are being a great help for me the way you spleing step by step is great and the e book it help me alot oll i can said you videos are awesome and thank for the supply list"
Miguel B.
Torrance, CA


"I have used some of the information from your video and I want to take this time to tell you I am very pleased with my purchase. This Video gave me a better way of doing some things which saved me some time. I think it was very thorough and would recommend it to anyone who wants a better way to Fiberglass."
Glenn M.
Middletown, DE


"I was skeptical when i ordered the DVD's but i found the Fiberglass Enclosure fabrication Exactly what i was looking for. I have already watched the video 4 times, as many of the products used i am already familiar with, since i am a Autobody Tech. And i plan on building my first box next weekend i used your order list when purchasing the materials"
David H.
Brazil, IN

"your videos are awsome you did a gret job with then. The fibreglassing videos were the best and i plan on doing some glassing in the spring. Thank you very much !!!
Ryan W.
Holyoke, MA


"Thanks for getting the order ready and out the door so quickly. My brother had ordered some dvds from another company over a month ago, and they never seem to get back with him on anything. I'm sure he'll love the videos, especially after he saw they offered just about everything he was trying to get info on. Again, thanks for getting back with us so quickly."
Catherine O.
Houston, TX


"I was very impressed with how fast I received the dvd. I watched it right away. The information was very precise and I feel that I will be able to make my custom kick panels with no problem."
Michael S.
Clewiston, FL

Brian D.
Akron, OH



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