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Bobby T.
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I think you did a tremendous job! The video was very well done and does a good job of getting an installer like myself a good direction to get moving in."
Adam W.
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Duke M.
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Lori L.
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Angel B.
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Tim B.
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thanks once more."
Parshak H.
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Brent K.
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Aaron F.
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Mike H.
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Erik G.
Edmonton, Canada

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Josh S.
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Franklin H.
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Dale R.
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Sheldon M.
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think it was cool and very informative how you did it in a powerpoint slide show just to show what tools we need and where to get them and how much we should expect to be paying. I did kickpanels 2 times before and they turned out ok but I was still looking for some advice and some hints and tips how to improve on them. Your videos are very detailed and helped me out alot."
Dino F.
Hernando, FL

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Chad S.
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Nathaniel Z.
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Brad B.
New Brunswick, NJ

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Daniel N.
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Chris H.
Sheffield, England

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Matt N.
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Greg H.
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Michael G.
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Ron W.
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Steve M.
Riverview, FL

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Plas M.
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Ben H.
Louisville, KY

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Andy S.
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Marc D.
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Homer C.
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Joe W.
Bellevue, WA

Jon K.
Atlanta, GA

"I love the video on how to work with the fiberglass. I have been installing basic car audio systems for friends and myself for sometime. But never could figure how to work with the fiberglass. I liked how you made it simple by defining the type of products you used and where to get them. I also learned a few little tricks with building enclosures that I hadn't done before which was worth the watching of the video."
Perry B.
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Jon C.
Kissimmee, FL

"I watched one of the DVD's quickly as I havent had time to sit down properly with it all but have to say - its absolutely fantastic stuff and will be a real help to me when I do an install in my Mercedes. In fact, the stuff looks so good, that I think I will need to buy your other fabrication DVD's, so please could you be so kind as to get back to me with the pricing and titles?"
Max Z.
London, England

"I've been an installer of audio (both home and car) for many years and I ordered your DVDs for fallow up information. I must say that I love them! I have used some of your tips so far and I wish more installers would be more free with info. Thanks, I'll write more later! Time for a second coat on corner panel moldings."
Shawn L.
Orchard, WA

"The videos are great! I knew a little about fiberglass work but your videos showed me a lot of different ways and easier ways to do this type of work. Thanks for putting these videos out there."
Tim B.
Airy, GA

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Joe S.
Virginia Beach, VA

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Richard F.
Oxford, NC

"I love the DVD and plan on buying the 2nd one soon. I have already put the info to good use to build some prototype parts in an unrelated field. I will be producing the mold and finished parts within the month which, when sold will produce profit far beyond what the DVD cost me. Thanks again. Great product."
Justin T.
Murrieta, CA

"One thing I have to say is the DVD's are AWESOME, I have the Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication, Fiberglas I & II, I haven't gotten to the Fiberglass II yet, but man, this is all great stuff, I see them doing this kind of stuff on TV, but you never see enough to know exactly what they are doing, but you DVD's show it all and make it seem very simply, laying it out step by step. Thank you so much for producing these DVD's!"
John B.
Bath, PA

"The DVD was exactly what I needed. You guys did a great job with details. I have watched it over 15 times, and will watch it 15 more. Each project is better than the last.What other DVD's do you have? Thanks for the knowledge, and the follow up. Will deffinetly spread the word. Have a great day, and God Bless."
Jared C.
Chico, CA

"My friends & Associates told me I was nuts to spend money on those DVD's. But they were way wrong. Those DVD's answered so many questions for me and will help me build that custom enclosure for my showcar, When I am ready to start I will definately let you know the progress and all. I appreciate you taking the time to create these wonderful videos. They are professional made and make things look so easy. I am quite good with fiberglass but these videos now allow me to open up and let my creative juices flow. With that being said I thank You again!"
George M.
Pembroke Pines, FL

Randy R.
Phoenix, AZ

"I would like to thank you for your prompt customer service. I was pleased that I recied the DVD so soon after I made the purchase and I was very pleased with how quickly you have responded to my questions. I have already mentioned your DVDs to a few of my friends and will endorse them to members of the forum I frequent. Once again thanks for a great product and customer service!"
Morgan H.
El Paso, TX

"The video was very informative, I really appreciated the list of supplies needed at the beginning of each segment. My oldest son and I are rebuilding a 1973 Mustang convertible and we are using the info to custom-build door panels with 6 1/2"" speaker mounts on the doors and rear kick panels"
Mark M.
Corinth, TX

"I've watched your video with admiring. That's some great visual tutorial you made. It sure helped me understand some vital stuff about building subwoofer box and working with fiberglass."
Marin M.

"The videos are awesome. I wish I would have found them earlier is my only regret. Great work!"
Daniel S.
Annandale, VA

"I watched all the DVD's several times and immediatly felt in my veins that I can do this. So it was not so easy to get all the materials for the work here in Hungary, but now I have everything. I'm almost done with my subwoofer and probably next week starts my trunk interior design phase. I would like to thank you again for the great DVD's, it is very helpful, interesting and challenging as well. I bought all the equipments, have all the neccessary materials and I'm enjoying every minute doing my new hobby."
Balázs B.
Budapest, Hungary

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Sean E.
South Africa

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Marc W.
Belleville, IL

"Thanks for the video's they were great. I would like to see more dvd videos on custom install and fiberglass stuff. Me and my staff did get a lot out of the fiberglass dvd's."
Shawn T.
McMurray, Canada

"The videos are completely 100% helpful. So far I've tried a couple different techniques from the sub enclosure. Wow, those videos are awesome. 99% of the mistakes I was making before (like trying to use fiberglass cloth or mat everywhere) were solved the first time I watched them."
Kevin L.
Chepachet, RI

"The Video is Awsome!!! I couldn't have asked for anything else. I don't see how a beginner, like my self could go wrong by following the videos!!"
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