How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System

How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System will show you how to install your own car audio system. This DVD shows a complete installation done using basic hand and power tools that almost anyone has access to. We took the easiest and lowest cost techniques to create a video that shows you how to install your own system, the right way. This is the only video created for the installer with a limited tool chest. Everything is covered, head unit/radio, CD changer, amplifier, front and rear speakers and even a simple sealed subwoofer enclosure! And all of our videos were created by an MECP certified Master Installer so you'll know you're learning to do it the right way.

Here are some of the installation topics and techniques you'll learn that will help you save time, money and aggravation.

Explanation and Overview of the Car Audio System

  • Factory locations and selection of new equipment mounting locations
  • Precautions when choosing new locations and when shopping for new components
  • Description of the new equipment to be installed
    • In dash CD player (head unit)
    • CD changer
    • Amplifier
    • Component speakers
    • Coaxial speakers
    • Subwoofer
    • Installation components (wiring kit, cables, etc.)
Installing the CD player

Design and Construction of the
Subwoofer Enclosure

  • Dimensions and enclosure type for the subwoofer
  • Laying out the enclosure sides to minimize waste
  • Tutorial on the software needed to optimize the cutting plans
  • How to get the wood cut for free
  • Proper layout of the enclosure screws (and what type to use)
  • How to get perfectly centered holes every time
  • What to do when you can't seal the inside of the enclosure
  • How to carpet your enclosure like a professional
  • How to connect a dual voice coil woofer
  • What material to use to even out the sound of your subwoofer
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake made by first time box builders
  • What type of screws to use to secure your subwoofer
    (using the wrong kind can cost you big points in a competition)
Carpeting the enclosure

Amplifier Installation

  • Mounting the amplifier board (amp rack) in custom locations
  • The correct place to ground an amplifier to
    minimize noise and electrical problems
  • When to use special connectors to enhance your installation
  • The often overlooked, two cent item, that will
    dramatically improve your ground connection
  • Level setting your amplifier without an oscilloscope
    or other specialty equipment
Adjusting the amplifier

Removing the Factory Sound System

  • The first step you must follow to avoid damage or injury
  • How to remove the dash trim without damage
  • Removing the factory radio
  • How to remove door panels without damage
  • The inexpensive tool that will save you time and possible
    damage to your plastic fasteners
  • Removing the factory door speakers

Installing the New Speakers

  • What type of connectors to use on the speakers
  • How to get aftermarket speakers to fit into factory holes
  • What type of connectors to use for the passive crossovers (it matters)
  • How to prevent your subwoofers from overpowering
    and even damaging your other speakers
Installing the speakers

Preparing the Head Unit for Installation

  • Getting your head unit to fit in the factory dash cavity correctly
  • The importance of securing your head unit
  • How to connect your new head unit without cutting any factory wires
  • The correct way to connect your wiring without using a soldering iron
  • The last thing you should do before mounting your new head unit
  • Connecting the wiring to the new head unit and sliding it into the dash for a flush fit
Preparing the wiring

Installing Power and Signal Wiring

  • How to run new door speaker wiring
  • What to look for in your new wiring
  • How to make sure you don't mix up your wires and invert the phase
  • How to run the power wire through the firewall without a factory plug
  • The importance of the fuse holder and
    what to do when the engine area is cramped
  • What to do when you've got a side mounted battery post (GM owners take note)
  • Proper termination of large wires
  • How to protect your power wire in the engine compartment
  • The easiest way to run wires through the car
  • How to quickly bundle your wires for a neater installation
  • Testing your system to ensure the wiring is correct
Fusing the power wire

Installing the CD Changer

  • Three simple steps to installing your CD changer
  • Where to mount the changer for easy access
  • How to protect yourself from getting trapped when
    working inside the trunk
  • Safety precautions when drilling the mounting holes
Mounting the CD changer

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"I watched your video yesterday and it was great. It really helps me since I've never installed car audio before. It is definitively appropriate for individuals like myself who don't have any access to sophisticated and/or specialized tools. I was looking for some kind of instruction on how to install my own system and you just fulfilled that need."
Aristides L.
Petaluma, CA

"The DVD's gave me the edge to tackle the projects that most of my installer friends don't want the average dude doing."
John N.
Spring Valley, CA

"I just wanted to say that the DVDs have been extreamly helpful with helping me build my system. Without these DVDs I wouldn't even know where to start and I would be stuck paying an arm and a leg to have a custom shop build it for me. Thanks! You guys are the best! I am deffinately refering you to all of my friends. Once again, Thanks!"
Johnathan S.
Clearwater, FL

"I got them the other day, they are great. I thought it was going to be A LOT of work to do some of those things. I have never worked with any of this before, but I can't wait to get started. I already have friends wanting me to do jobs for them."
Chris C.
U.S. Military

"Your videos are great and opened a whole world of installation possibilities for my vehicle. Thanks for the information."
Ryon L.
Sugar Land, TX

"I have found both the e-book and instructional video to be very helpful and i even used the info to help me do my first installation on my friends car. I'm using the info right now to find some good deals and build a system for myself. I also used it to help my friend avoid a bait and switch (the guy almost sold him an all D*AL audio system what a joke!!!). Any way the stuff was very helpful, definately worth my time and money."
Eric D.
Crystal Lake, IL

"This is a fine piece of work. This is for my 17 year old son, who has just purchased his first drive, an older Chevy (fullsize) van. Installing a reasonable stereo system in this will keep him out of trouble and give us some kicks. Your stuff looks as valuable as I thought when I saw the website info. I am very impressed with the combination of audio theory and installation know-how. This is a valuable publication. It will save my son asking hundreds of unconnected questions of others."
Lloyd L.
Mill Valley, CA

"The DVD's were very informative. I had a pretty good idea about installing car audio but some things weren't clear to me. That is until I watched your video. I will never pay someone again to install my equipment for me. I'm in the process of rewiring my vehicle because the wiring they used is cheap. I'm also getting ready to mount a sub in my spare tire space. With the instructions you provide I feel well prepared to take on this job. Thanks a lot."
Duane G.
South Ozone Park, NY

"I've had a chance to watch all of the videos once. They are very informative, and I can't wait to watch them all again. I would like to say that out of all of the resourses I have looked at for stereo installation this is the best one I have found. I would like to thank you for putting this set of videos together."
Joshua P.
Portland, OR

"I own a small car audio store and have been using the videos to further teach my install guys. I think the videos have been really great. They give the proper info in a straight forward manner. I watched each video first and then had them watch them. Of course the installers all wanted to watch the fiberglass videos first. I told them they need to learn to install properly first".
Brent K.
Cambridge, OH

"Wow! I'm impressed. You're very prompt and efficient. I got the DVD yesterday and I was also able to download the ebook without a problem. Let me tell you, that's some quality stuff you've put together. I'm very pleased. I've already told some of my friends about this great find. I'll definitely recommend your products. The clear, simple method of presentation is wonderful. It makes what might seem like a somewhat daunting subject, quite easy to manage and understand. I appreciate and thank you for the work and thought that you poured into this."
Eric H.
Palmyra, NY

"I cannot speak highly enough of this DVD set. Not only is the instructional quality top-notch, but the verbage is approached with such a succinct and concise fashion that I could only describe [it] as being "surgically precise". My brother and I have watched the DVDs at minimum a dozen times between the two of us (within the first two days of owning it, noless), even if only for entertainment value! I simply love these DVDs."
Daniel R.
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"Hey man, the videos were perfect. I watched them, then left them out for my brother to watch. We were both very impressed."
Chris S.
Chelsea, MI

"I got the videos about a week ago, and i have now watched them both. I found both of them very informative, put together very good, and extrememly easy to follow. I have not started any projects of my own yet, but i cant wait to start!"
Brian M.
Chatham, Canada

"Your DVD's are the best! Thank you so much. I can finaly get the system I want, and it'll have more value to me because I made it. Thanks again for the items. They're great!!"
Brock C.
Kapolei, HI

"I found them excellent in explaining the how to and whats needed for the job. I especially love the fact that you explained how the things work, tips on getting good equipment, and what to look for in Vol. 1. I can't wait to see the rest of the volumes. Thanks for making such great videos and I can't wait to see if any new dvds come out soon. Keep up the great work."
Franklin H.
Los Angeles, CA

"I have had the DVDs for about a week now and have watched them several times. The information is grade A!!!!! Thank you for putting together such a detailed video collection for the DIY. I can't wait for the next one!!!"
Chad S.
Little Britain, ON

"I found the video full of helpful hints and tips for installing numerous projects. After watching the video my imagination grew leaps and bounds. the video gave me the tools i needed to carry out all the ideas i had that i was unable to complete with the lack of skills i previously had. i wil be ordering more videos from you again in the future to aid with audio help."
Takeshi H.
Oxnard, CA

"So far, I have watched three of the DVDs and started on another. They are very informative. I have no experience in most of the areas covered, but just from watching the videos I have confidence that these are things that I can do. Everything seems very clear and complete."
Matt N.
Wetumpka, AL

"The videos were very informative, with alittle creativity the sky is the limit. Me and a friend are going to open shop in bout 6 months..Without the video I wouldnt have known the proper technics."
Greg H.
Burnet, TX

"That video was truly amazing. GREAT information and i'm definitely going to put forth the knoledge i've acquired from the videos towards a project this up coming spring."
Eric M.
Ashville, NY

"first of all thank you for your amazing product. i have watched all the videos and have read the ebook, and the wealth of knowledge within each is unparalleled."
Thomas S.
Plano, TX

"Great video and everything was detailed exactly how it should be. The video is a great help and I've used it on two projects so far and they turned out great.Thanks again"
Plas M.
Jackson, MS

"First off the dvd's were AWESOME. I have been to an installer school and I wasnt really satisfied with the information I got out of it. The school will go unnamed.And They were supposed to be one of the best.Lets just ay they didnt even go over what a wire harness was. I got more out of your movies then I did out of the school itself. But going to the school did help me follow along with the movies better than someone who is unfamiliar with fiberglassing or box making. The movies were step by step and easy to follow without a doubt.I have seen other movies from other friends of mine and these in my opinion and theres were the best and you can't beat the price. The movies have already paid for themselves. My business is really starting to take off now due to your instructional videos. Once again THANK YOU, and please keep me informed on any other videos that will come out in the future."
Joe S.
Virginia Beach, VA

"I've had a chance to view all of the dvd's and they are all easy to understand and everything is explained very well. The dvd's will provide as a teaching to tool to my 2 teenage sons to get started installing some stuff in our 2 vehicles over the spring summer time."
Richard F.
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"I would like to thank you for your prompt customer service. I was pleased that I recied the DVD so soon after I made the purchase and I was very pleased with how quickly you have responded to my questions. I have already mentioned your DVDs to a few of my friends and will endorse them to members of the forum I frequent. Once again thanks for a great product and customer service!"
Morgan H.
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"The DVD's are great, so informative I think my girlfriend is actually interested now! These are DVDs that I will own forever, good reference material. Nice job on the demos."
Gavin M.
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"The video is amazing, I feel like I can do anything with it!"
Seth Y.
Mardela Springs, MD

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