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The site navigation links will always be on the right hand side of the page. You can get to any page in the site by clicking on the appropriate link in the navigation column. If you start with the first section on Electronic Basics you will be able to learn about car audio section by section. You can also jump around the site using the navigation column. Or use the Google search box in the navigation column or below.

Let's get started. You can start on any page you want but I recommend starting with the first section on car audio electrical basics. Click the link below to get started.

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     Car Stereo Installation
     Car Alarm Installation
     Advanced Enclosures
     Fiberglass Fabrication
     Fiberglass Fabrication II

Electronic Basics
     Electrical System
     Ohm's Law
     Electronic Components
Audio Basics
     What is Sound?
     Car Audio System Planning
Head units
     CD Players
     CD Changers
Mobile video
     Digital/HD Radio
     Placement and Kickpanels
     Enclosure Types
     Building Enclosures
     Enclosure Software
     Advanced Design
     Enclosure Plans
     Power Rating
     Build Quality
Signal processors
     Surround Sound
     Power Wiring
     Speaker Wiring
     Signal Cables
     Power Capacitors
     Alarm Types

     Wiring Diagrams
     Car Amplifiers
     Noise Troubleshooting
     Power Capacitor
     Car Alarm
     Installer Schools

     Amplifier Repair
     Equipment Reviews
     Car Audio Competition

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